Southbank Riverwalk in Downtown Jacksonville

Bordering the St. Johns River, the Southbank Riverwalk boardwalk is typically filled with joggers, bicyclist, tourists, people just relaxing sitting on benches, and walkers, all of them enjoying the view, watching the boats, the birds, and downtown’s beautiful skyline, often reflected within the water. At the Riverwalk you’ll be able to also find the water taxi dock near Chart House available for kayak launch.

The 2-mile Northbank Riverwalk is one in every of the foremost popular and well-used attractions in Downtown Jacksonville. Developed slowly between 1987 and 2008 for a complete estimated investment of $8.5 million, the riverwalk stretches two miles from I-95 in Riverside to Berkman Plaza near the Sports Distric.

The first a part of the Riverwalk opened on the Downtown Southbank on November 8, 1985. it absolutely was built as a venue where tourists and native residents alike could soak up the beauty of the river and also the skyline of downtown. On a sunny Jacksonville day, the view from the walk includes calm water, bright buildings, sailboats & speedboats.The 1.2-mile walk was created by Perkins & Perkins Architects to be a fun waterfront public space connecting Friendship Fountain and Harbormasters Restaurant (now River City Brewing Co.) with hotels and office buildings east of the most Street Bridge. Friendship Park Fountain was inbuilt 1965 and have become one among the foremost recognizable landmarks within the city. A graphic system was developed and, included banners, kiosks and signage to assist visitors with clear and readable information, also highlight the nice and cozy and lively image of the riverwalk.

A few of the rivewalk projects were built but scaled back. The St. Johns Wharf was a planned marketplace to be built over the river opposite to the Wyndham Hotel. some shops were built along the riverwalk, but the wharf was never constructed. Four open pavilions were planned and projected to incorporate concessions and restroom facilities. only two were constructed. The Ship Museum, an attraction to spotlight the historic relationship between Jacksonville and therefore the river; projected to incorporate floating ship exhibits, was scaled back to this Jacksonville Maritime Museum, now closed. unfortunately many projects didn’t come to fruition. The Grove, a raised grass room shaded by a grove of palm trees; The Pyramid, an out of doors structure with terraced seats for special events; An Aquarium located south of the maritime museum, facing Friendship Fountain, which might showcase local freshwater and saltwater marine life; an excellent Lawn for recreation and relaxation; A sidewalk café under the bridge that might link either side of riverwalk; A 3,000-seat open-air amphitheater with bandstand and theatrical lighting, built out into the river that will be used for public concerts, ballets, festivals and college graduations. This really is a beautiful place to visit while in Jacksonville.

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